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Here at Welland Vale Garden Centre in Rutland we search for styles and quality that we would (and do) have in our own gardens.

Adding garden furniture to your back garden in Rutland is a great way to make your garden a more enjoyable place. The possibilities garden furniture offers you are endless, and a garden can be changed overnight by simply adding a cute garden bench. What is the best garden furniture for you? Visit Welland Vale Garden Centre in Rutland or check out below and discover the true meaning behind outdoor living. Enjoy our wide range of dining sets, lounge sets, Alexander Rose garden furniture and many more.

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Buy outdoor furniture at Welland Vale Garden Centre in Uppingham

Caring for your outdoor furniture is of great importance. By providing your garden furniture with the correct maintenance, you’ll prolong its lifespan considerably. Get the most out of your new garden furniture by taking proper care of it. Most garden benches are meant to stay outside all year long, so a good-quality garden bench should not take too much damage from heavy rain, snow or sunlight. Opt for an aluminium bench to ensure a durable piece of outdoor furniture. Rattan garden furniture is durable and will last you long, even when met with harsh weather conditions. Rattan is waterproof and easy to clean, so spending some time outside shouldn’t be causing it problems.

Where to buy rattan garden furniture near me

Many of our customers ask us for advice on cleaning rattan garden furniture. We compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you clean your rattan garden furniture. Do you want to know how to clean the rattan surface? This is how to do it! How often should you clean your outdoor rattan furniture? The construction techniques used to create rattan furniture usually make for a nooky, cranny surface that quickly collects dust and soil. Make sure to clean your rattan weekly by vacuuming it or giving it a sturdy brush. Welland Vale Garden Centre recommends a monthly cleaning for your rattan using a vacuum cleaner or brush and some water and soap. First, remove the dust from the weaving like you’re used to, then go over it with a cleaning solution. Rub it firmly into the rattan, ensuring no dirt gets left behind.

Buy the best garden furniture in the area surrounding Stamford

Where to buy garden furniture near Stamford or Corby? At Welland Vale Garden Centre, of course! Visit our shop for the best garden furniture and other high-quality products like pots & planters, homeware & gifts, birdcare and many more. Our assortment is also available online, with home delivery service available in the Rutland area and within 75 miles. Welland Vale Garden Centre is easy to reach from Oakham, Stamford and Corby. Visit Welland Vale Garden Centre nearby and buy your garden furniture in one of the best garden centres in the UK.